Resident Teacher -

Kadam Peter Kurczynski

Kadam Peter Kurczynski is the resident teacher of Dharmachakra Buddhist Center. He has been practicing Buddhism in formal study programs of the New Kadampa Tradition for nearly twenty five years. He has participated in numerous meditation retreats, and regularly attends international festivals of Kadampa Buddhism. His teachings are timely, practical and easy to apply in everyday life.  In 2013, he received the title “Kadam,” meaning senior lay resident teacher.


Our Other Teachers



Fran Ashby has found her personal meditation practice essential for improving relationships, attaining authentic happiness and finding mental peace. Fran teaches students how meditation can inform their everyday lives and vice-versa. She enjoys lively discussions about how to begin, strengthen and deepen meditation practice.



Adrienne Chell has a clear and practical approach to teaching Buddhist practice and meditation. She has helped to organize and manage several Buddhist communities in New Jersey, and has experience working with people from all walks of life. She transmits a depth of experience and practical wisdom to her students.


Russell Chell

Russell Chell teaches meditation in a friendly, practical down to earth manner. He has served several Buddhist communities in New Jersey and he has worked with people and students from all walks of life. With relatable, good-natured humor and uncommon wisdom, he helps students connect with both the profound and day-to-day aspects of meditation practice.


Chris Gharbi

Chris Gharbi has found great peace and happiness through meditation. He inspires others through his example, his teaching and his dedicated service to the community. He works tirelessly for his students so that they may be able to achieve results in their own practice of meditation. His joyful perseverance and strength of practice inspires those around him.


Frank Hall

Frank Hall inspires others through his steadfast dedication to meditation practice and spiritual community. Frank brings warmth, insight and respect for tradition to his classes. He is a welcoming teacher who encourages students to challenge their preconceptions. He helps students to develop a regular meditation practice and gain insight into the profound aspects of Buddhism.


Rafael Infante

Rafael Infante finds great meaning and joy in meditation. He practices with thoughtfulness and sincerity. He brings a reverence for tradition to meditation practice. He enjoys the challenge of applying meditation to everyday life.


Concetta Lamore

Concetta Lamore shares gratitude for her experience of Buddhism and her daily practice of meditation. She feels blessed to be able to share the many ways in which her students lives can be filled with inner peace and happiness. She brings a joyful appreciation of meditation to her classes and everyone she meets.


Larry Levy

Larry Levy brings extraordinary dedication and commitment to meditation practice and spiritual community. He teaches with warmth, compassion and patience. He demonstrates how meditation and Buddhism offer peaceful, practical solutions to everyday problems. His teachings transmit great reverence for meditation, as well as the psychological and philosophical insights as well as the traditions of Buddhism.


Charles Mcnamara

Charles brings a dynamic, relatable approach to teaching. He strives to present even unfamiliar dharma concepts accessibly, and sometimes with humor, to highlight practical applications of the Dharma. Charles works in the film industry, and lives with his family in nearby Maplewood.


Tom Obrzut

Tom Obrzut has a big heart. In devoting his life to serving the disadvantaged, he strives to embody the life of a bodhisattva -- one who works for the benefit of all. He applies meditation as a social worker, a husband, and a father and he shows his students how compassion in action leads to a joyful, meaningful life.


Gina Plaitakis

Gina Plaitakis finds that Buddhism has helped her to become more mindful and able to transform life’s daily problems. She wishes to help others do the same. Gina enjoys being a mother to her young daughter, and she knows how to apply meditation to family relationships. She has taught meditation to families, kids and adults. As an artist, a creative professional and a teacher, she demonstrates how meditation can help her students discover their own highest potential.


NIKO Plaitakis

Niko Plaitakis brings quick wisdom, creativity and laughter to the practice of meditation. His teachings apply meditation to everyday situations as found in the family, the workplace and even the daily commute. He draws upon his experience using meditation as a businessman and a creative professional, a husband and a father to guide students toward their highest potential.


Julio Sabater

Julio Sabater fills his classes with great warmth, humor and faith. He holds forth on practical aspects of meditation and the profound implications of Buddhism. As a deeply inquisitive, widely read, man of the world he connects with students from diverse backgrounds. He shows how meditation improves our relationships, helps us solve day-to-day problems and provides answers to life's deepest questions.


Rob Selwyn

Rob Selwyn has used Buddhist meditation in his day-to-day life to reduce stress, to enjoy life more fully, and to help others. He has applied meditation as a professional in Information Technology, and as a husband and a father. This experience enables him to help students incorporate meditation into their lives. He is a modern day wisdom philosopher who helps students discover peaceful, Buddhist responses to the universal challenges of life.