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By joining the Dharmachakra Buddhist Center (DBC) community as a member, you show your commitment to your spiritual practice, support for our center and community, and help us to spread dharma throughout northern New Jersey. Foundation Program or Teacher Training Program (TTP) classes are free of charge, but you must be a sustaining member* to participate. Membership is a full year commitment. This gives DBC stability in budgeting classes and ongoing expenses throughout the year. All membership payments are tax deductible.

The 3 Levels of Membership:

1. Sustaining Membership -$80/month – Benefits include:

  • Access to unlimited TTP/Foundation/General Program classes and
    DBC special class events (special class events are scheduled for 2+ hours in length)

  • 50% off DBC empowerments

2. Associate Membership – $60/month – Benefits include:

  • Access to unlimited General Program classes (various GP classes are held at DBC throughout the week, scheduled for a maximum of 90 minutes in length)

  • 50% off DBC special class events and DBC empowerments

3. Branch Membership – $45/month – Benefits include:

  • Access to unlimited Branch Program classes (Shore or Ridgewood)

  • 50% off DBC empowerments

Family memberships are available at reduced prices:

  • $120/month family – Sustaining

  • $90/month family – Associate

  • $70/month family – Branch


Simply by being a member, you are helping to bring peace into the hearts of this and future generations.

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Helps us

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